Dr Aditya with Swami Kriyananda

Dr. Aditya Gait and the Clinic – Part 2

There are small clinics in Pirangut, about 17 kilometers away, but they are quite expensive for the villagers and not at all up to the mark. Few doctors are available and they often give incomplete treatment. Two government dispensaries are in the area where we are staying but the villagers aren’t happy with their service and, again, the medicines are … Read More

Clinic Blue Container

Dr. Aditya Gait and the Clinic – Part 1

Swamiji has asked me that exact same question, at least seven or eight times, since we first came to Pune. It’s practically his first question whenever he sees me. I’ve been answering, “It’s going well,” but when he last came, I told him, “Swamiji, so many things are going on. I’m unable to focus all my attention on the clinic … Read More

Aditya at Spiritual Fair

The Role of Spirituality in Modern Life

First of all, I got a lot of knowledge after coming to Ananda: practical knowledge of how the body is made. The body of a yogi is no different than the body of an ordinary person, except that the yogi knows what is happening, and he is in tune with natural laws. Before, I didn’t know natural laws existed to … Read More


How a Doctor Became a Monk

Well, I think there were two things: first of all, of course, the book Autobiography of a Yogi. This was back in 2006. I used to follow the newspapers quite regularly, I was inspired by new stories, and then that interest introduced me to autobiographies. One day I just told myself I want to find a good, inspiring life story, … Read More


The Role of Physical Exercise in the Spiritual Path

I think that exercise is not only good for devotees, but that it’s good for everybody. Of course, we all have busy lives, but I would like to give out some points on why it is important to make time for it, and especially for a devotee. Let’s actually start with the question: why is it good for everybody? Exercise … Read More

Kriya Yoga

Life is a Mystery to be Solved Individually

Yogananda said, “God is nearer than the nearest and dearer than the dearest”, but scriptures tell us that it still takes us millions of lifetimes to understand and realize this simple fact. One of the reasons I feel why it takes us so long is that, since God has given each one of us a separate individuality, we become so … Read More