Living WiselyLifestyle Program

  • 40+ Lifestyle Parameters
  • Supported by Scientific Evidence &
  • Timeless Wisdom of Ancient Yoga Practices
  • Under the guidance of a Board Certified Physician
  • For Physical, Mento-emotional and Spiritual wellbeing
  • With Individualised Medical Consultations
  • At an irresistible offer price.

Dr Aditya Gait and Dr Amit Aggarwal hosting Dr Dean Ornish at Global Health Retreat-Recharge:Health 2021 where he is talking about the Power of Lifestyle Medicine. An excerpt.

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The program resonates with the recent studies published in the field of Lifestyle Medicine, Neuroscience, Cardiology, Genetics, Nutrition and Yoga.


Why this program?

  • 85% of chronic diseases are caused by unhealthy lifestyle
  • Lifestyle changes can reverse Diabetes, Hypertension & Heart diseases
  • 80% strokes could be prevented with improvements in lifestyle –WHO
  • Research shows lifestyle affects length of Telomeres that affects our longevity
  • Lifestyle regulates the expression of genes- Epigenetics
  • People having healthy lifestyle had less complications in Covid pandemic

What makes it unique?

  • Designed by a practicing Internal Medicine Physician &
  • a Yoga-Meditation Teacher
  • Learn and practice 40+ parameters
  • Get a road map to put them in your daily routine.
  • Luxury of live sessions
  • Interact with your instructor in real time

What are we going to learn & practice?


Healthy Diet
        The subject of diet when approached from the lens of yogic wisdom is not only simple to understand but also easy to practice. Something as simple as keeping it plant based, avoiding overcooking and including all the colours can go a long way to keep us all healthy.

Physical activity
        Studies have shown that as little as 20 minutes of regular exercise can add 4 more years to our lifespan. A simple brisk walking is enough to lighten our mood and activate our Prefrontal cortex-The seat of peace, compassion and joy.

Energisation Exercises
         A unique contribution of Paramhansa Yogananda- An India born great yogi- these exercises when done regularly have the potential to not only provide us complete physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, but also enhanced vitality and longevity. Moreover they hardly induce any wear and tear to the tissues.

Boosting Immunity
        Learn the innumerable ways in which our immunity can be boosted as suggested in Indian traditional system of healing called Ayurveda. Where simple home cuisine may provide a good number of natural herbs and spices that can boost our immunity.

Right Posture
        Often we hardly pay attention to how we sit and walk, whether our posture is upright or not, whether our chest is uplifted or not. But it is important to know that spine is the main pathway through which energy flows to all organ systems and when it is well aligned then the energy flows freely and uninterruptedly.

Belly Breathing
        Did we know that something as mundane as breathing can have detrimental effects on our physical and mental health. Research has shown that breathing diaphragmatically or through belly as we call it can reduce our anxiety levels by 40 percent. Often that is all we need to do to stay away from high blood pressure and feel calm and centred.

Pranayamas (Breath Practices)
        Studies have shown that controlled breath practices regulate the secretion of nor-adrenaline- a neurotransmitter in our brain – which when released in optimal concentration keeps us motivated and energised throughout the day.

Will Power
        Yogananda said ‘Will’ is the switch that allows the flow of energy. He gave the adage-“Greater the will, Greater is the flow of energy.” Without keeping our will strong and steady we can’t even stay alive. Strengthening our will power is an essential component of our wellbeing.

        Concentration is the key to success in any endeavour. When it comes to health and wellbeing concentration not only strengthens our will power, but also gives us the ability to seek solutions and transcend sufferings. Learn an ancient yoga technique to concentrate the mind.

        Research in the field of neuroscience shows that even 12 minutes of meditation when done regularly can bring structural and functional changes in our brain for the better. It not only clarifies our thinking and decision making, but also activates the seat of peace, compassion and joy in our brains.

Dr Aditya and Dr Amit interviewing Dr Andrew Newberg on the subject of How Meditation changes brain. An excerpt.

Dr Amit Aggarwal introducing Dr Sat Bir Singh Khalsa at the Global Health Retreat- Recharge:Health 2021.

Yoga Postures
        The timeless science of Hath-Yoga provides us a revolutionary approach to common physical and mental ailments. Modern research has now gathered enough evidence to suggest that not only yoga works but is also a cost effective tool in the hand of a health care professional to bring deeper healing.

        Our brain reboots during the sleep. Refreshing sleep is an essential component of our vitality. On the other hand poor quality of sleep can seriously impact our health. During the program learn simple, yet effective tools that lead you into restful sleep.


Heliotropic healing
        Learn and discover the healing potential of sunlight by practicing specific Heliotropic Healing Techniques as suggested by Paramhansa Yogananda. Sunbaths are necessary to fill the tissues and pores with life-giving energy. As an ordinary bath washes away bacteria and dirt from the human body, so the rays in sunlight cleanse the body of unhealthy germs.

Intermittent Fasting
        Research of a Nobel laureate finds that periodic fasting helps our cells to go into a house keeping mode, where they are able to recycle the waste efficiently, boost our immunity, optimise our sugar levels and keep the cancer cells under check.

        Our gut, oral cavity and skin houses trillions of friendly bacteria species that are essential for a robust immunity. They provide us first line of defence against harmful invading pathogens by not allowing them to outgrow in number. There is a stunning link between your microbiome and your mood.


        Our body is nothing but condensation of our mind. We are what we think. Scientific Healing Affirmations will help us to bring powerful healing by tapping the potential of positive thoughts.

        Visualisation is a powerful tool to reprogram neuronal connections in our brain for not only learning a new skill quickly but also bring desired healing benefits on cellular level.

Dr Aditya and Dr Amit in a session with Dr Donatella on the subject of Healing potential of music.

        We live in a vibratory world where everything in the universe is a manifestation of vibration including our own body and mind. Musical notes can powerfully alter the vibrational pattern of our cellular machinery.


Prayers & Chanting
        It is better to say just one phrase, such as “O, Father, heal me,” or “I am well, for Thou art in me,” repeating it vigorously from loud voice to whisper, and lastly from a whisper to mental affirmation, until one feels what one is saying. The moment the phrase reaches the superconscious and the inner conviction, a volley of energy will shoot down and heal the body, mind, and soul, electrocuting physical bacteria and paralysing mental fears.


Mantra Therapy
        Mantras are a set of words with inherent vibratory power and when repeated mentally have the potential to bring deeper healing in body, mind and soul. The words, whether said aloud or mentally only, must be injected with superconscious faith and steadiness to accomplish a specific healing.

Super-relaxation with ‘Aum’
        People often talk of relaxation, but few know how to achieve it. Some people know how to relax physically but not mentally. Super-relaxation is complete, voluntary withdrawal of consciousness and energy from the entire body. Complete mental relaxation consists in releasing the consciousness from the delusion of duality and resting the mind, identifying with one’s own true nature of unity in Spirit.

Healing the chakras
        Chakras are seats of energy centres in our subtler energy spine. Your energy body, a living tree of life and light within you holds the keys to spiritual, mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Never underestimate the power of these shining, spinning globes of power to change your life for the better.


Power of Forgiveness
        Forgiveness is the sword of victory! When we forgive those who seek to hurt us, we rob them of their very power to do us harm. Better still, if they respond with love, they will unite their strength to ours, and so our strength becomes doubled. But forgiveness should not be given primarily for its effect on others, but rather for the freedom it affirms in our own hearts.

Eyes of the saints
        They say-“Eyes are windows to the soul.” Eyes of saints emit great power and energy. Above all they are a medium for connecting to the source of an elevated consciousness that has a deep healing potential.

        Service is ennobling. It is a way of offering our human littleness into the great Reality that is God. Service should not be given with the thought that one is serving people, merely. It should be given with an inward consciousness to the Lord Who resides in all creatures. When we serve others in this spirit, we find our own spirits becoming freed from egotism. Peace then fills us, in the realisation that there isn’t anyone with whom we need compete. What joy, to think that we belong to God!

Smiles , Laughter & Joy

        There is no better reviving tonic than smiles. There is no better ornament than a genuine smile. There is no beauty greater than the smile of peace and wisdom glowing on your face. A good sense of humour is an effective means of keeping a sense of perspective through the trials and difficulties of life.


Who is your Program Director?

Dr Amit Aggarwal (Amar)

        He is an alumnus of Post graduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Rohtak, India. He did his MD in Internal Medicine. He has more than two decades of clinical experience. He is currently serving as Asso Professor in Medicine at SKN Medical College Pune and also offers consultations in his private practice. He is a certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Researcher and Lifestyle Educator. He takes a holistic approach to wellness bringing ancient wisdom of yoga together with modern research in medical science.

        He firmly believes that health is one of the greatest gifts of nature to all but at the same time it is our duty to preserve it by following the rules of the game. However, health lost can be regained by diligently practicing the principles of health under the guidance of a qualified practitioner. He sees his role as a coach and patient as a player where both have to give their best for optimal results.

When and Where?

        The guided sessions will be offered live online twice a week. For self practice at home, video recording of the sessions will be provided. Each participant will be given an e-logbook to make entries of the task completed on that day. The log book entries will be supervised by the course instructor in real time. For optimal results a certain degree of discipline and commitment is expected from each participant.

When To Enroll

Program is offered four times in a year- Registration is now open for August to October 2021

  • August to October
  • November to January
  • February to April
  • May to July

* However if you wish to join in an ongoing batch you’ll receive recordings of the sessions missed upto that point and following sessions can be attended live. If you have any questions write to us at

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