Themes of Interactive Sessions

We offer health and wellness workshops on diverse themes and subjects. We like to keep the subject relevant to the needs of the clients. In a typical 3 hour wellness program any two topics of interest can be chosen. The session on these topics is interactive and ppt. based.

  • Stress Management at workplace

    Practical tools to reduce stress


  • What, Why and How of Yoga Lifestyle

    From Ancient Science to Modern Research

  • How Food affects our Mood

    Science behind Gut-Brain axis


  • Genes Are Not Our Fate

    How lifestyle can change our genetic expression

  • Science of Longevity

    Based on Telomere research by Nobel Laureate


  • Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

    Based on Research by Nobel Laureate-Dr. Yohinori

  • Art of supportive Leadership

    Changing norms in a new age


  • Intuition in Business

    How inspiration can be attracted at will

  • Science of Happiness

    Can happiness be de-linked from circumstances


  • Retiring or Reinventing

    Tools to stay healthy and productive post retirement

  • Healing Potential of Flower Essences

    How natural flower essences affect our disposition