We offer health and wellness workshops on diverse themes and subjects. We like to keep the subject relevant to the needs of the clients. In a typical 3 hour wellness program any two topics of interest can be chosen. The session on these topics is interactive and ppt. based.

Stress Management at workplace

Practical tools to reduce stress

What, Why and How of Yoga Lifestyle

From Ancient Science to Modern Research

How Food affects our Mood

Science behind Gut-Brain axis

Genes Are Not Our Fate

How lifestyle can change our genetic expression

Science of Longevity

Based on Telomere research by Nobel Laureate

Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

Based on Research by Nobel Laureate-Dr. Yohinori

Art of supportive Leadership

Changing norms in a new age

Intuition in Business

How inspiration can be attracted at will

Science of Happiness

Can happiness be de-linked from circumstances

Retiring or Reinventing

Tools to stay healthy and productive post retirement

Healing Potential of Flower Essences

How natural flower essences affect our disposition